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Actual emails received by Harvey The Handyman

•   "Thanks so much for being prompt, efficient, and clean around the house. I really appreciate that as well as your good work itself.  I certainly know whom to recommend now if friends ask."

•   "The bill was very detailed and I appreciate it.  The work was super!  Thanks again."

•   "Thank you for a great job.  The apartment sold on Wednesday, so your work really paid off."

•   "Looks great!  Thanks for the help.  We'll leave a check in the mailbox since you already dropped off the key.  I'm happy to leave a testimonial on the list serve if it's helpful."

•   "The work looks great!  Thanks once again for such a meticulous job.  Thanks also for the warning about the paint can.  I'll put the check in the U.S. mail in the A.M."

•   "Thanks for a great job.  The fan works wonderfully."

•   "We finally got some tile for the fireplace surround and I am wondering if you do that sort of tile installation.  Your care and attention to detail on the tree fort was fantastic, so if you do tiling that would be great.  Please let me know."

•   Great job...I know it was a house always is!  Should you accept this mission, I'd love to keep you as my right-hand handyman!"  

•   "Thank you for doing a wonderful job on everything!  I am thrilled with the quality of your work and the final results.  I saw your note about capping the hours for the window installation and I think you are being way too generous (with me...not you) I added two additional hours to your payment .  I appreciate your generosity but I don't want to take advantage of it.  I feel very fortunate that Karen referred you to me." 

•   "Harvey, everything is working perfectly.  Thanks for a great job .  We'll be happy to call you in the future.  I'll get a check out to you right away."

•   "We got home tonight and what a pleasure to see the ceiling completely restored!  It looks wonderful-- thank you so much.  I am putting a check in tomorrow's mail.  Feel free to put me on your list of satisfied customers.

---Thanks for all the nice things you've said! -Harvey